Black Irish™ – American Stout

The Story

There’s a common tale among Irish immigrants, that the tall, dark and handsome Irish good looks came from a fabled Spanish armada of sailing ships that broke up in a storm off southwest Ireland. The Spanish sailors who survived found their way into Irish life and left their mark, so to speak. Since then, these descendents have been referred to as the “Black Irish”. We thought it quite fitting to name our American Stout, “Black Irish” in honor of all those handsome immigrants.

Cicerone Notes

Moderate to strong aroma of roasted malts having a roasted coffee or dark chocolate quality. Medium hop aroma, with a resiny character. Medium ester profile.Moderate to very high roasted malt flavors, tasting of coffee, roasted coffee beans, dark or bittersweet chocolate. Medium to dry finish and somewhat creamy as oats have been used to enhance mouthfeel. Light and smooth alcohol warmth.

Serving Suggestions

Serve in a 13oz Belgium goblet between 45-55 degrees F. Pairs well with Asiago, Brie, Colby, Emmental, Gloucester, Gouda (aged), Gruyère cheeses, Roasted, smoked and barbecued foods, including beef, poultry, seafood, sausage, chili and hearty stews. Goes well with deserts, especially chocolate deserts.

Technical Attributes

ABV 6.2% IBU’s 51.5 SRM 34.6

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