Finn McCool’s Big Thirsty™ – Red Ale

The Story

Ireland’s legendary giant, Finn McCool of county Antrim was tired. After all, building a bridge to Scotland and throwing a chunk of rock to form the Isle of Man is thirsty work. Seeking relief, McCool stumbled upon the perfect solace, O’Sullivan Bros. soothing Red Ale.

Cicerone notes

A traditional Red Ale using Dry English Ale yeast , but incorporating a touch of west coast creativity and craftsmanship. Dry, crisp and clean and refreshing, this red ale delights with spicy and floral notes. Distinctly red hued, malt accented and rounded with soft sweet fruit flavors on the palate.

Serving Suggestions

Serve in a 16oz Willie Becher, Pint/Nonic or Glass Mug between 45-55 degrees F. Pairs well with Dubliner Goat Cheese, Lamb, light fish dishes, French onion soup, roast beef and barbecue.

Technical Attributes

Abv 6.0% IBU’s 29.9 SRM 15.8

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