Irish Strong™ – India Pale Ale

We purposely started our brewery without an IPA just to make a statement. A bold move, especially in San Diego, the birthplace of west coast, hop forward IPA’s. But everyone has one and we wanted to be different. We prevailed without an IPA and our house brands established themselves with very good results. But, we still wondered if we could do something special with some of the more, hard to find hops and make our own signature IPA. We went ahead and made “Irish Strong” , a delicious, primarily Nelson hopped IPA. We hope you enjoy it.

Cicerone Notes

A West Coast India Pale Ale using Dry English Ale yeast. Significantly hop forward, Dry, crisp, clean and refreshing, this India Pale Ale excites the palette with Chardonnay and grapefruit floral notes. A rich pale malt flavor is accented with a touch of fruity aromas. A nice light bitterness begins to creep up on you after a few sips.

Serving Suggestions

Serve in a 16oz Munich, Tulip or Pint/Nonic glass between 45-55 degrees F.
Pairs well with Brick, Edam, Monterey, Jack and Pepper Jack cheeses, Italian dishes, salads, chicken dishes, grilled foods, fish, shellfish and spicy foods.

Technical Attributes

ABV 6.6% IBU’s 55.4 SRM 7.6

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